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What is it?

Ramblen is a responsively designed website that offers reviews and recommendations on where to workout and eat healthy while you travel. It allows users to locate group runs, group rides, lap pools, running trails, bike shops and more so you can stay on your fitness routine in an unfamiliar city. It also reviews and recommends healthy places to eat so you don’t derail your healthy eating routine while on the road.


It was launched in public beta by Natalie Cagle and Danielle Hastings at the end of November in 2013. We’ve written a good blog post on our original launch idea of renting a mountain goat. Somehow that idea didn’t pan out.

Key features:

The key features of Ramblen are:

  • Fitness and healthy restaurant reviews and recommendations for 20 cities around the US and counting!
  • Images and maps for each review.
  • Local perspective Use a great image to make an impression on readers from the start.
  • Brand ambassador program that allows our users to apply to review their city.


What are company challenges?

We’d like to find a local technical lead to join our team for this next phase of fundraising.

How Can You Help?

If you know of someone in the travel industry or have some insight into that vertical we’d love to talk to you. If you’re a developer and interested in meeting with us about what we’re doing we’d love to talk to you too. Lastly, please follow us on social media and help spread the word.

How Can You Contact Them?


Send us a note on Twitter and we can follow and send a direct message (DM). We’re also on LinkedIN

What can Ramblen offer  the startup community? {What they’re willing to barter}

We have marketing and writing backgrounds. If you need some marketing help we’d definitely be up for bartering. Our marketing website is: http://happyplacemarketing.com/

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