idefi Connects Unsigned Artists to a Bigger Audience

One of the things Tulsa really has going for itself is the music industry. Anyone that lives here and is in to music can and will echo that statement.  It makes sense that we start seeing more startups support that industry and I was excited to learn about Tulsa based startup, idefi.



idefi officially launches September 16th and CEO/founder Brady Deaton reached out to me to share their latest news. After the September 16th launch artists can participate in a contest to win a 30 second promotional video featuring their music that will play “multiple” times before the November 21 premiere of Mockingjay Part 1. In case you’ve been living under a rock the past few years, that’s the third installment of the Hunger Games movie trilogy and features none other than everyone’s favorite movie star, Jennifer Lawrence. So yeah, that’s a pretty big deal.  How does this all work?

According to their press release, “idefi brings brands and artists together in a creative new way. This is accomplished by allowing brands to create opportunities and allowing artists to compete to win by sharing a branded interactive widget. Each time the widget is shared, their chance of winning increases while also promoting the brand’s message.” Once the company is launched I’ll follow-up with more detail but in the meantime they have a splash page up that allows you to enter your email to keep yourself in the loop.

Coming from a marketing background I can see how this would be useful to brands. Video has become so important to marketing in the digital age and finding music that you don’t pay a fortune to license is no small task. I specifically remember when I was at ICEdot telling our graphic designer to keep an eye out for good bands around town when he was out and about that he might be able to approach about licensing their music. I also see how this could help drastically increase the exposure for the band itself; both parties have a vested interest in spreading the message and material as broadly as possible.

You can read their press release in it’s entirety by clicking on the link below:

“idefi Reveals it’s First Promotion for Artists.”

idefi artists from idefi on Vimeo.



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