You and Your Kids Can Breathe Easier at Night with Owlpal


What is it?

Owlpal was co-founded by Tulsans MacKenzie Ward and Jordy Albert. It is a proactive mobile health solution that diagnoses, stages, and monitors asthma in children at night. Owlpal functions as a smart device application that utilizes the internal acoustic capabilities of an Android or iOS device to monitor wheezing and coughing rates within children as they sleep.

The Owlpal mobile solution is based upon extensive scientific research over the ability to use wheeze and cough monitoring as a noninvasive way to objectively manage nocturnal asthma in children.

Last night my six-year-old who has asthma came into my room telling me she couldn’t sleep. I listened to her breathing and sure enough heard the tell-tale rails in her lungs and administered (after stumbling in the dark to find it) her inhaler. After that she was fine and went to sleep. I can see this device being as useful and as commonplace as a baby monitor for kids who have asthma.

At the Donald W. Reynolds Tri-State Competition in Las Vegas this year Owlpal placed first in the Undergraduate Division for their business plan earning $30,000.


Company Stage:

Product Development





Key Features

  • Nighttime breathing monitor to continuously monitor your child’s breathing
  • Alarm notification to notify you that your child’s wheezing or coughing has entered into the predefined risk parameters.
  • Objective data collection
  • Patient-physician connectivity pushes your child’s breathing data directly to your physician



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