Oh Shnap! Never Waste Your Time Tying Your Shoes Again.



What is it?

Schnap is a small device that snaps onto your shoes so you no longer have to tie them. Chris Faith thought up this idea and tested his first prototype on a 3D printer. People have been trying to tell me for years how useful those things are and clearly Chris would agree.  The basic overview of how this handy device works is depicted in this diagram below:




Shnap is currently raising money on Kickstarter in an effort to transition from prototype to manufacturing. They are trying to raise $10,000 to cover the initial manufacturing costs. I’ve been involved with a crowdfunding campaign in the past and it takes guts to put your name out there in public behind a project you believe in so I applaud these guys for making a go for it.


Key Features:

  • Small & easy to implement with almost any shoe that has an eyelet
  • Puts an end to your shoe being untied (parents everywhere should rejoice)


Video Overview of how it works:

One disclaimer before you watch is that in the beginning of this video he has one shoe with a Shnap and one without to show the comparison. It took me a sec to figure that out and I was confused at first.

 What are company challenges?

From their Kickstarter page…

We’re trying hard to avoid manufacturing delays by using a domestic manufacturer that we trust, but they are located in a different state and unexpected setbacks can always occur. We can’t control what will be happening in their factory this Fall, but we’re doing our best to make sure that our designs and requirements are correct and ready to go.

The Shnap fit might not be quite right on the first production samples, or we may have to try a different kind of plastic than we thought. We’ve tried our best to reduce these risks by making precise prototypes out of the same kind of plastic that we intend to use in production, but in the end we’re committed to producing great parts that fit and work perfectly every time. If we have to delay full production in order to adjust the mold, we will do that to get the fit just right.

We’ve decided to allow backers from other countries to help back the Shnap project, but shipping things across international borders can be tricky. We’ve done some test shipments to friends outside the USA to try to get the process dialed in, and we’re seeking advice from other successful Kickstarters on what pitfalls we can avoid.

How can you help?

You can donate to their Kickstarter campaign ASAP (it ends in 7 days at the time of this posting). Spread the word!

How can you contact them?


or use the “contact me” button on their Kickstarter page

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