Visual People Everywhere Rejoice: The Whiteboard is Now a Mobile App


I’m a visual person. I work with a gigantic whiteboard next to my desk and live and die by my to-do list. The whiteboard is quite simply a crucial tool for collaboration and brainstorming. I remember reading not too long ago on Mashable, a blog post that reviewed new tools writers shouldn’t live without. I specifically read this list looking for something that could bring my gigantic whiteboard to my phone. Little did I know at that time that someone in my own backyard was developing exactly this. is a task and management tool that allows for easy collaboration and managing a to-do list whether it be for work or personal. Whiteboard has the ability to sync across all devices which is always handy and they’re currently allowing a limited amount of people to sign-up via email for a preview. The company is co-founded by local entrepreneur and developer Kayvon Olomi who has founded successful startups in the past such as, AppTank and Divvy.  Kayvon was able to share with us some of the company challenges and key features of Whiteboard.


Company Challenges:

Being a technology venture in the Midwest. Obtaining visibility, traction and adoption with early adopters and innovators. Sourcing quality talent to bring onto the team. 

Stage of Company:

 We are a self-funded venture that is currently in private beta. We will be releasing the app to the individuals that have signed up for our limited preview by the end of September. 

Key Features:

    • First you will notice our beautifully designed user interface and experience of our application.
    • We took a mobile-first approach in designing and developing our application. This allowed us to not only build a simplistic and robust app but also allowed us to keep the continuity and consistency of the app across all devices.
    • We bridge task and project management at work with the to-dos at home, allowing you to efficiently plan and manage your day. No longer do you need to use two different applications for the same purpose. With Whiteboard, you can keep you personal to-dos separate from your tasks and projects at work all within one application all while keeping them separate and private.
    • Consolidation of all the to-dos that matter to you from across all workspaces can be found in your ‘Me’ view which are then broken down into three areas: Later, Today and Done. This allows you to focus on what matters most to you today.
    • With Whiteboard, you can attach not only files buy can also attach photos from your camera roll or even snap a shot directly from your phone and attach it. Not only that, but you also have the ability to attach locations whether it be your current location or a pre-determined location which you can look up.

Video Demo/ Screenshots

{Shoutout to local video production, Signal Factory, on a great demo video. They do great work as you can clearly see in this video.}

How People Can Contact

Find ’em on Social:

Twitter: @WhiteboardCO


I’m all signed up to receive my preview of Whiteboard and looking forward to putting it to good use.

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